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Exclusive or consolidated, your cargo is in good hands

International Moving

S.O. ExpressS.O. Express is specialized in local, national, and international relocation. We put our expertise at your service to guarantee that your moving process is done with the highest standard of quality. 

Our specialists perform a detailed analysis of each customer’s needs in order to guarantee competitive rates.
We provide various types of packing materials to protect and secure your items and the service is always done by highly trained professionals.



Door to Door Services: In this modality, S.O. Express is responsible for the entire moving process. We organize and transport your goods to the destination chosen by you with the help of our highly trained professionals. We offer this service in two different modalities: Exclusive and Consolidated.

Exclusive (Exclusive Container): S.O. Express S.O. Express will be in charge to pack your belongings, accommodate it in the container, transport the consignment to the closest origin port, ship the container via ocean to the destination, get customs clearance, deliver it to your home, unpack, and remove all packing materials used during the transportation process.

Consolidated (Your goods will be transported with othercostumers' goods in the same container): Your goods will be transported with other customers’ goods in the same container): We will be responsible to pack your goods, load it to a container, ship the container via ocean to the destination, customs clearance, deliver it to your home, unpack, and remove all packing materials used during the transportation process.

Residential Move: In this category, S.O. Express offers the best cost-effective option for your residential move. We offer high quality packing materials, trained and experienced staff: these are the ingredients to our recipe to guarantee your tranquility in your moving process!

To provide the most efficient service, we offer detailed inventory and color-coded identification system, international documentation and assistance in customs, full coverage insurance, secure storage and delivery. We take pride in controlling all the stages of your moving process as there is no challenge too great for S.O. Express.

Corporate Moving

S.O Express offers the best solution for companies in need to relocate employees and company’s belongings. Taking into account the difficulties in relocating employees, S.O. Express offers services of Corporate Moving with highly trained professionals that will lead the process from the initial approach to the delivery at destination. 
Furthermore, S.O. Express understands that each customer has specific demands and consequently each Corporate Move calls upon maximum flexibility and efficiency. With our experience, S.O. Express will always adapt our services to each of our customer’s necessities.

Diplomatic Moving

Organizing thoroughly a Diplomatic Move is the key for success and this is one of our greatest expertise! 
We do know how stressful and harmful an unsuccessful relocation can be for people and corporations, therefore we developed a unique methodology specialized in the relocation process that will reduce risks by maximizing security and ease in each step of the moving process. 
Our staff is fully trained to assure that each measure is taken with the least exposure to risk your goods for any damage, loss, or misuse of materials ensuring that everything works as projected.
Moreover, our company appreciates that everyone carries a broad cultural baggage and we take it into account during the relocation process guaranteeing maximum care with the items with emotional value, as they can never be replaced!

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